• Global Day of Action Against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda | 2.10.14

2.10.14 | Global Day of Action Against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

In December 2013, the Ugandan Parliament passed its notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill, a hate-filled piece of legislation that threatens the safety and lives of LGBT Ugandans and is a grave violation of human rights. Now, the bill is at risk of being signed into law by Ugandan President Museveni.

We need your help!

On Monday, February 10th 2014, our partners in Uganda—a coalition of 50 Ugandan Human Rights organizations—are calling for a Global Day of Action Against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Human rights organizations, activists and leaders across the globe will be convening actions, circulating petitions and blasting social media with messages to urge President Museveni not to sign this bill into law.

What Can You Do?

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I stand with the LGBT community in Uganda! Tell President Museveni NOT to sign the Anti-Gay Bill into law. Don’t legislate hate—the world is watching! #WeBelieve #StopAHB http://bit.ly/StopAHB

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Thank you for taking action and showing your support for Uganda’s LGBT community.

About the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

First introduced in 2009, the bill seeks to strengthen existing penalties in Ugandan law against homosexuality. Among the bill’s many cruel and unconscionable provisions is life imprisonment for “repeated homosexual behavior.” It also criminalizes what it describes as “the promotion of homosexuality,” which includes funding organizations that provide basic services such as healthcare to LGBT people—something that AJWS has been doing for years. The bill remains one of the most abhorrent manifestations of discrimination against LGBT people worldwide.